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Frontend Developer

In the world of web development, Farooq is the maestro behind the scenes, weaving together HTML, CSS, ReactJS and JavaScript to bring visual wonders to life. His ability to transform design concepts into functional and aesthetically pleasing interfaces is nothing short of artistry.

When he’s not coding pixel-perfect layouts, he is lost in the world of cinema, captivated by stories unfolding on the silver screen. From timeless classics to modern blockbusters, his appreciation for storytelling and visual aesthetics is evident in both their work and leisure pursuits.

Just as he meticulously fine-tunes every line of code, Farooq also appreciates the nuances and creativity that go into creating memorable movie moments. Their ability to analyze intricate code and decode the layers of a movie's plot showcase their keen eye for detail in both worlds.

He is not just crafting user interfaces; he is weaving digital stories that are just as captivating as the films we all love.